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What is Crypto Volatility – causes, why it is volatile

Some investors are thriving in the crypto world, while others have lost all they have due to the instability of the crypto market. On one hand, cryptocurrencies are popular among people for the financial value they bring. On the other hand, they are condemned for being outrageously volatile.

One day as a crypto investor, your crypto coin would be talking to the skies in the bull market, like in April, and the other day the blockchain technology would fall below average and crash, like in May. Overall, cryptocurrency has always been unpredictable, and this will remain the same in the mere future as well.

The continuous turbulence and instability of the digital coin is a natural part of the coin’s activity in the digital market. However, the investors who invest their time, money, and efforts into the market deserve to know what the volatility means for their crypto-read to know all about the volatility and why you should worry about it as an investor.

What is Crypto Volatility?

When it comes to investing your money on the internet, the majority of people are concerned about the ups and downs of the investment. These ups and downs or fluctuations in the market are what make financial markets volatile.

In terms of crypto, the unpredictable up-and-down movement in the value of the crypto coin is volatility. The volatility of digital currencies is measured by calculating the average of current price movements and comparing it to the average of previous upward and downward trend movements.

Cryptos are volatile investments because investors observe aggressive up and down movement of the assets daily.

Why is Crypto Volatility Is a Cause of Concern?

As an investor, buying a crypto coin is like taking a never-ending roller coaster ride. You do not know what dangers and wonders the crypto coin hold for you. To keep yourself on the safer side, you need to know the risks that come with your investment.

Also, novice investors usually put all they have at stake into the crypto market. So, to save yourself from losing investment that may leave you indebted, you need to have an idea about the steep rises and subsequent falls of cryptocurrencies.

To prevent yourself from a major market crash, you need to be aware of the cost of volatility as a crypto owner. Now it is your luck, experience, and strategies that make volatility a blessing in disguise or a curse to you.

What are the Factors that Make Crypto Volatile?


You must be aware of how Dogecoin sparked up when Elon Musk wrote about Doge on his Twitter. Likewise, the denial of accepting cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment by Tesla led to the downfall of crypto. So, although the concept has been existing for a long, it is still not accepted in the financial market, which is why the market value keeps changing off and on.


Decentralization is an advantage of the digital currency, but it adds to the rising and falling of cryptos in the digital market. There are lots of unidentified crypto sellers and buyers, making it volatile.

Unsteady Investors

One factor that leads to volatility is that major investors consider crypto investments as part-time businesses. As digital currencies are gaining a lot of hype, people enter the market hoping for immediate gains and quit when the market does not turn out as they expected it to. Ultimately, they withdraw their crypto investments.  

No Back-Up

Unfortunately, crypto is not backed up by physical commodities or government like traditional stocks, funds, gold, etc. There is no decided value in the crypto market. Anything that the cryptocurrency market decides, happens.

Crypto Volatility – A Double-Edged Sword

Being a double-edged sword, it can bring you huge profits or leave you indebted, depending upon your understanding of the volatile nature of the coin and the market bull runs and bear runs.

If you are an investor, you must be aware of how a market crash and rise affects cryptocurrencies’ overall movement. For some, cryptos’ volatile nature is the cause behind huge losses. For others, it is the ladder to their financial success.

There are two types of investors: those who take risks to pursue huge returns and those who prefer slow but steady investments. Irrespective of which type of crypto investor you are, learn to guard in volatile market conditions.

Final Words

Multiple crypto experts guess what the crypto market holds for investors in the coming years. However, they only know as much as you know about future market fluctuations, which is literally nothing.

So, do not rely wholly on the predictions of crypto experts and invest only when you are ready to lose. Work on your strategies and get going.

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