Seamless Crypto Portfolio Management: Our Transactions Tab Upgrade

how to track your portfolio with Accointing

Check out our video rundown of Accointing’s new transactions tab and how it simplifies your portfolio tracking

As a crypto investor, you probably know how that tracking and managing your crypto portfolio can be time-consuming. However, our latest upgrade to the transactions tab simplifies this process allowing for a seamless experience when managing your assets.

Take a look at the the upgrade here (log in required!)

What’s New?

The all-new transactions table offers a range of functionalities to help you sort and manage your data. The new advanced search feature allows you to filter your portfolio in several ways, including by asset type (as shown below). This can be extremely useful as now you can analyze all of your NFT trades or crypto-to-fiat transactions in one place.

You can still view your trades grouped by coin or wallet, just like in the old table, but with the improved look and feel, finding, viewing, and understanding different areas of your portfolio has never been easier. Not only have we added a new column that shows the value and gain of an asset, but each column is now interactive (as shown below).

This allows your transactions to be sorted by date, value/gain and deposit or withdrawal. When combined with the filtering options across the bar above, the new sorting features provide this page with great utility, allowing you to further dissect your investments and easily gain insights from your holdings that were previously difficult to see.

Find and Fix Portfolio Warnings 

In addition to simplifying your data management process, the transactions table also highlights potential inaccuracies in your portfolio from a tax standpoint. The ‘warnings’ filter allows you to locate these inaccuracies separately and expand each transaction to understand the problem and fix it directly.

These new and upgraded features make this tool a must-have for anyone looking to track and optimise their crypto investments. As we continue to build on the power of Accointing, be sure to keep an eye out for more product improvements coming soon. If you have any questions or suggestions for product improvements, then don’t hesitate to contact us or schedule a feedback call.

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