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Import ACCOINTING.com Data FAQs

How are balances from exchanges and wallets synchronized to ACCOINTING.com?

ACCOINTING.com receives several sorts of inputs into the platform via different format types. In ACCOINTING.com, you can upload 4 types of data formats:

  • Exchange API
  • Wallet address or XPUB
  • CSV upload
  • Manual input

Once all your data has been imported, ACCOINTING.com will make sure that all different fields from your different data sources are aligned into one single format that allows you to undergo a review process of all your trades and transactions.

How can I add a new coin to ACCOINTING.com?

ACCOINTING.com supports over 7,500 different cryptocurrencies (CoinMarketCap base). However, we constantly get requested for more coins to be added. New coins are added on 24-hour or less timeframe after the request. For token requests, please add it here or at support@accointing.com.

You can also join our Telegram channel for the newest updates: 

DEUTSCH: https://t.me/accointing

ENGLISH: https://t.me/accointingEN

How do I delete an exchange or wallet?

ACCOINTING.com allows you to remove your exchanges and wallets at any time. Here’s how:

  1. Go to your Wallets tab on the ACCOINTING.com Dashboard header and select Wallets Page.

2. On the Wallets Page, locate the Wallet or Exchange that you’d like to delete.

3. Once located, click on the trashcan symbol in the upper right corner of the Exchange or Wallet.

4. This will delete your all transactions from your imported Exchange or Wallet

5. If you’d like to import a new Wallet or Exchange, click on the “+” next to the Wallets and Exchanges titles or click on +Add Wallet on the Wallets tab.

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