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Importing Popular Exchanges and Wallets to ACCOINTING.com

Accointing allows you to import up to 300 wallets and exchanges, including your favorite like Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, KuCoin, Ledger Wallet, Trezor, Uphold, BRD and many more. For some countries, some might be more relevant than others. In this post, we will show you how to:

  1. Get the relevant information from your exchanges in order to add it to a third party platform like ACCOINTING.com
  2. Get the relevant information out of your wallet in order to add it to a third party platform like ACCOINTING.com
  3. Understand why is it important to have all your information consolidated in one platform
  4. Get an overview of how to use all your information to get insights of your entire portfolio performance

So let’s get to it.

Importing your Exchanges

Coinbase, Binance and Uphold

Importing Coinbase and Uphold to ACCOINTING.com is extremely easy. Here’s how:

Coinbase, Uphold and Binance connected

Binance CSV

In the case of Binance, you’ll need to get your API keys first. Here’s how to go about it:

1. Login to Binance

2. Input your two FA key

3. Once in the dashboard, navigate to “orders”

4. On this page, find and click on “trade history”

5. Now, on the right hand side, click the button

6. Export “complete trade history”

7. Choose the historical time frame you want to export click on “OK”

8. Your CSV will now have downloaded

9. Upload this file belowSHOW LESS


If you have been trading with KuCoin, we suggest you try getting your data here, but beware as currently not all KuCoin data is provided when accessing their CSV or API connection and you must request it from their support team which might take a while. Currently we are working together with them to provide better information in their CSV output as well as on their API:

1. Log into KuCoin

2. Once logged in, on the left side, click on “API management”

3. On this page, click on “create API”

4. Name your API – we’re going to call it ACCOINTING

5. Create API passphrase ¬– you’ll need to remember and input this into ACCOINTING later

6. Then, click on “confirm”– you’ll be prompted to the security verification

7. Input your trading password and click on “send code”

8. Then, head to your email and copy the code into the type field

9. Finally, input your 2FA and click on “submit”

10. Now, we need to do a critical change: on your API, click on “change” in the top right and uncheck the permission for trade

11. This is so that we can’t trade with this account

12. Then, click “save”

13. Add the trading password and click on “submit”

14. Now, copy the secret into the secret key field below

15. Then, copy the key into the API key field below.


One of the most popular exchanges to date is Kraken as it offers a great level of security. Up next, learn how to get your API keys from one of the safest exchanges currently in the market:

Finding your API Keys for Kraken

1. Log in to Kraken

2. Then, in the navigation bar, click on “security”

3. On the security page, scroll down and in the API key section click on the “here” hyperlink

4. Click on “generate new key”

5. In “key description” on this page name your API key – we’re calling it ACCOINTING

6. In the key permissions field, give access only to THESE queries: a. query funds b. query open orders and trades c. query closed orders and trades d. query Ledger entries

7. The key expiration query start and query end date keep it turned off

8. Then, click on “generate key”

9. Scroll up and copy the API key into the API key field below this video (once in the http://www.acccointing.com/app platform) and copy the private key into the private key field below

Importing your Wallets

A lot of questions emerge when trying to add a wallet to ACCOINTING.com, especially in terms on knowing what type of address do I need to input in order to maintain my privacy but enjoy the benefits of free platforms like ACCOINTING.com so we will dive into the details of each.


Trezor, the safest hardware wallet in the world, can be connected in different ways to ACCOINTING.com. Currently, you can add your Trezor wallet via the following methods:

Trezor API Connect: This is a functionality from Trezor that allows users to enhance their security levels by using their hardware wallet in order to connect to a third party platform (such as ACCOINTING.com). Here’s how it works:

Trezor Tokens Addresses: This functionality will allow Trezor users to add individual addresses to the platform by simply copy-pasting them into ACCOINTING.com.

Trezor Manual Input: Manually input your transactions into the platform.


Ledger is one of the most popular hardware wallets currently in the market. Wether with the Nano S or the Nano X, with your xpub (read more about what an “xpub” is here), you’ll be able to connect your hardware wallet to ACCOINTING.com. Here’s how:

Finding your XPUB in Ledger

1. Log in to your Ledger Live Manager

2. In the portfolio page, scroll down and click on Bitcoin

3. Now, scroll back up and click on the Tool icon in the top right (a pop will appear)

4. To find your XPUB address, click on advanced logs

5. You’ll now see some code: under “xpub”, you’ll find your XPUB address

6. Copy this whole address without the quotation marks

7. Now paste this into ACCOINTING.com

Blockchain Wallet

Blockchain explorer, created by one of the initial founders of Coinbase, offers the capability of buying and selling Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum. In order to add your wallet, you’ll need an XPUB for each individual token. Here is how you can get your Bitcoin XPUB:

Getting your XPUB from Blockchain.com

You’ll be able to add it in ACCOINTING.com here:

Connecting an Ethereum address to ACCOINTING.com

Wrapping it up

You might be wondering if it’s really worth all the trouble. Going through all this different platforms and getting all this data. The answer is: it depends. If you’re currently using one wallet to handle all your cryptocurrency and you’re not trading, but purely hodling, your wallet might suffice in order for you to get basic analytics on your holdings. If you have several exchages and wallets because you have bought different tokens only available in different exchanges in order to trade, you are in the right place.

ACCOINTING.com not only will help you connect all your transactions fast and accurately, but it will also provide you with a set of tools in order for you to track, manage and report your transactions to make better decisions to help you improve your portfolio’s performance. Try https://www.accointing.com/ for free today and let us know if you have any questions in our web chat. We will be happy to help.

ACCOINTING.com is an all-in-one solution trusted by thousands of crypto traders around the world, changing the way people handle their crypto taxes and providing relevant insights and information about the crypto trader’s portfolio through an intuitive platform with modern design, great customer service and overall user experience that adapts to the life cycle of their users, regardless of their level of experience. ACCOINTING.com offers a crypto portfolio tracking app and desktop as well a crypto tax solution, focusing on easing the onboarding process into crypto of the trader as well as increasing the understanding of the users’ portfolio behavior and performance.

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