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Connecting Your Solana Wallet: Public Keys, Wallet Addresses

  • How do I connect to my Solana wallet?
  • Does ACCOINTING.com support the Solana blockchain?

If you have either of these questions related to connecting your Solana wallet to our platform, then this article is for you.

Introduction To Connecting Your Solana Wallet

While we don’t officially support the Solana wallet yet, you can still import your transactions to our platform. To do so, you would need to either enter the transactions manually or upload your CSV file.

If you want to use the CSV option, you can either create it yourself using the provided template or have stake.tax create it for you. They provide a free service that lets you download your transactions into a CSV file that is formatted to work on our platform. In this guide, we’ll show you how to use the latter option to download your completed CSV file. Continue on to the next section to see how you can do this.

Connecting Your Solana Wallet Using Stake.Tax

When using stake.tax, generating a CSV file for your Solana wallet transactions is pretty straightforward. Although it has some caveats to look out for, you can learn about them here.

To get started, navigate to the “SOL” section on stake.tax, then complete the following steps.

  1. Enter your Solana wallet address and press “SEARCH”.
Entering in your Solana wallet address into Stake.tax
  1. Once your CSV file is complete, press “OPEN CSV”.
Page to open your Solana wallet CSV file provided by Stake.tax
  1. The transactions from your Solana wallet should be all on this page. If it seems correct, look for the “CSV Info” section and press “DOWNLOAD CSV”. If the transactions are not correct, email support@stake.tax so they can help you get your transactions loaded.
Location to download your Solana wallet on stake.tax
  1. Next, select “accointing” from the list and press download
Selecting "accointing" from the list of supported CSV formats on stake.tax.

Once you have finished downloading your CSV file, you are ready to upload it to our platform. To do so is simple, just create a new manual wallet and upload the CSV file into it. If you want to upload the CSV file into an existing wallet, delete the transactions in the CSV file that you have already added to our platform. This will make sure you do not upload duplicate transactions into your portfolio.


By now, we should have all your Solana wallet transactions in your portfolio. This provides you with all the benefits that our platform offers.

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