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ACCCOINTING.com App’s Lists Feature: Ways of Exploring It

Did you try the new ACCOINTING.com app’s lists feature? Here are some ways that you can use it to maximize your experience with the best crypto solution available in the market 😉

Testing and Benchmark Lists

Make a list using coins that you’re interested in purchasing. Analyze the portfolio behavior using the price chart, and create your strategy before making any investment. Also, you can use the Lists feature to compare your leading portfolio against benchmarks. For example, a list of which portfolio only holds BTC and ETH and compare it’s 24-hour performance.

For example, I made two lists: My Watchlist, where I put all of my coins; and Potential list, where I select interesting projects like $ADA and $ONE. Now, I can compare if I’m outperforming the market and study potential projects’ behavior. Note that all lists’ performance is based on the weighted average of the tokens market cap. Therefore, this value will differ from your portfolio change.

Tough days, huh? My portfolio is underperforming the ETH and BTC Benchmark 🙁

Track Types of Portfolios

If you want to compare different types of investments using the ACCOINTING.com app, create category lists. Here are some portfolio ideas to consider:

  • High-risk portfolio: this list is for new projects or high volatility assets compared to the crypto market, of course.
  • Conservative portfolio: add the top 10 highest market cap crypto to your watchlist.
  • Staking portfolio: all of your staked coins.
  • My friends’ portfolios: put coins that your friends have to see if they’re worth it or compare their portfolio gains with yours.
  • What people recommend: coins that people suggest in forums, Twitter, Reddit, or Telegram groups.
  • Blockchain’s portfolio: coins of the same blockchain (ERC 20, BSC, TRC 20, etc.)

Share your lists!

Share your portfolio ideas with your family and friends! At the time of writing, you only can share ACCOINTING.com verified lists. But no worries, we’re preparing a new app version that lets you share your lists on social media and other new features, so stay tuned!


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