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ACCOINTING.com Basics- Step by Step Guide

The world of cryptocurrency is extremely complex. With over 7000 cryptocurrencies and 300 wallets & exchanges available, is hard to find the right solution in order to provide the right solutions for a crypto trader’s needs. We’ve created the ACCOINTING.com Platform Step by Step Guide so you can get the most out of this all-in-one platform that can handle all your needs.

As a crypto trader you want to:

1. know your overall portfolio performance regardless of where his cryptocurrencies are located
2. understand the possible opportunities in the market for investment easily and accurately
3. set up warning and alerts in order to identify possible risks based on their current crypto portfolio
4. deep dive on historical data of their transaction history in order to get more valuable insights
5. make more money and not losing time with compiling transactions for tax reporting

In order to do all of that, handling cryptocurrency has to be simple, fast, reliable, accurate, safe, transparent, affordable, and user-friendly. All the right variables need to be in the right place doing the right thing at the right time with a specific purpose.

Getting Started with ACCOINTING.com

Sign Up

After clicking on the “sign up” button, you can use an e-mail address or sign up quickly with Google or Apple ID to sign up or log in to ACCOINTING.com.

General Settings

Before importing your data, let’s see how you can personalize your ACCOINTING.com account.

Here, you can change your currency display, tax preferences, change your plan or delete your account.

Referral Program

Here’s how you can access the referral program in ACCOINTING.com
First, log in to ACCOINTING.com.
Then, on the upper right corner, click on your avatar and select Invite Friends

ACCOINTING.com Referral Link

Afterward, you will be prompted to a screen to join the Referral Program

ACCOINTING.com Referral Platform Set-Up

Once you have set up your referral program, a Dashboard like the one below will appear.

ACCOINTING.com Referral Dashboard

Some notes:

For customized URL link (available only for big media partners), we will need you to send the following:

  • Email used to set up your referral program
  • Payment method for commission

Options available:

  • Wiretransfer
  • Paypal


If you want the whole ACCOINTING.com experience, you should download our crypto portfolio tracker so you can check your portfolio anytime and anywhere!

Community Resources

Submerge into the crypto market using our various resources, where you can be the first to know ACCOINTING.com updates, crypto tips and tricks, market analysis, and more! Also, try the community board if you want to talk about some topic or get support for anything you need.

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