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ACCOINTING Desktop Platform – An Assistant Software for Your Crypto Portfolio and Tax Management

Are you still using Excel spreadsheets to track your crypto taxes manually? Or are you still baffled by how you should manage your portfolio of digital assets and tax calculation? Well, you can bid farewell to all those worries – ACCOINTING is here!

ACCOINTING is a platform for your cryptocurrency portfolio and tax management. It lets you import, manage, and track all of your digital assets all in one place. The platform also generates a tax report depending on your tax rules and jurisdiction. It’s a one-stop-shop for all your virtual currency management needs.

ACCOINTING’s powerful platform can be used on both desktop and mobile devices. But for this post, we’ll focus on reviewing ACCOINTING’s sleek desktop platform. Let’s jump right in!

What Can You Do on ACCOINTING?

There are two things you can do on ACCOINTING: manage your portfolio or get reports of taxes, gains, and holding periods.

1. Crypto Portfolio Management

Select the My Portfolio tab to gain access to the powerful portfolio management platform. Here, you can perform the following tasks:

Reviewing Your Crypto Portfolio Performance

ACCOINTING provides you an easy way to review your overall crypto-assets portfolio performance. Simply import your transactions from other digital currency platforms to get started. Once imported, go to the Overview page to see the following:

  • Total crypto-assets value
  • Portfolio value change in the last 24 hours
  • 24-hour percentage change
  • Main portfolio
  • Wallet allocation

Click on your various crypto-assets to see your buy and sell dates. You can also compare the performance of multiple assets during one specified timeframe by selecting multiple coin types at once.

The Overview tab provides a comprehensive and convenient look at your entire portfolio and its daily value. It lets you monitor profits and losses from all of your virtual currencies.

Wallets, Exchanges, and Services Monitoring

Clicking on the Wallets tab right next to the Overview under My Portfolio takes you to a screen where you can see:

  • All wallets connected to your ACCOINTING account
  • Crypto exchanges
  • Crypto services

You can sync your existing accounts or manually add them to your ACCOINTING portfolio.

Token Holding Periods

Go to the Holding Period tab under My Portfolio to check your asset’s total value and your gains for less than and more than a year.

You’ll also see a helpful graph showing your assets, value, positions, current price, gains, and other details.

ACCOINTING Holding Period Visualizer-Allows you to see short/long term positions

Comprehensive transactions monitoring

You can monitor all your transactions, including sold and deposited coins, by going to the Full Data Set, still under the My Portfolio tab.

2. Crypto Taxes

Select the Taxes tab to generate reports and view your gains and holding period for all your crypto-assets. ACCOINTING currently supports specific tax reports for the following countries:

If you’re not from any of those countries, ACCOINTING can generate general tax reports providing all relevant tax information.

There are two tabs underneath Taxes: Reports and Gains. We’ll look into them here:

Crypto Tax Reports

Generate tax reports by going to the Reports tab. You can select from Starter, Advanced, and Professional tax reports depending on your budget and needs. All tax reports have licenses valid for one year, in whichever package you decide to buy. You can also generate reports for the past years in all tiers of report subscriptions. 

Get tax reports starting from 250 transactions for Starter up to 5,000 transactions for Advanced. If you need a report on an unlimited number of your transactions, you can go for the Professional Tax report.

Generating a Tax Report in ACCOINTING

Overall Taxable Gains

Check your overall portfolio gains by navigating to the Gains tab. Here, you can view the following:

  • Your assets and its remaining amount
  • The average purchase price per asset
  • Unrealized and realized gains
  • An overall change in assets

Overall unrealized gains and estimated realized gains are shown in fiat currencies such as dollars. However, you can toggle the Average Purchase Price from fiat values to bitcoin (BTC) values.

Main Features of ACCOINTING’s Desktop Platform

Signing up for an ACCOINTING account gives you access to a variety of features beneficial for both crypto enthusiasts and serious traders alike. Here’s a review of ACCOINTING’s main features as seen from the desktop platform:

Wallet and Exchange Auto-sync

ACCOINTING supports an auto-sync function. This allows you to sync wallets, exchanges, and cryptocurrency service platforms altogether inside your ACCOINTING account.

If you’re brand-new to ACCOINTING, simply go to the Wallets tab under My Portfolio. From there, you can seamlessly connect all your existing wallets, exchanges, and services. Click on the Add new link to take you to the choices for wallet, exchange, and service providers.

Data can be imported in various ways, such as API keys, CSV files, manual imports, or through wallet addresses or XPUB addresses.

Once your accounts are synced to ACCOINTING, all transactions you make on these platforms will automatically be synced and reflected in ACCOINTING.

Unified transactions

Manipulate all your crypto-assets in one place. ACCOINTING offers you a platform to create unified transactions for all your digital currency accounts. This feature is especially useful for professional traders who invest a lot in diverse cryptocurrencies, wallets, and exchange platforms.

Calculate taxes billed separately

ACCOINTING lets you calculate all your crypto taxes, even those that are separately billed. This is done through ACCOINTING’s automatic Tax Review Feature.

Calculations will be based on all transactions synced from platforms used for crypto activities. As a result, you’ll get a complete view of all your missing currencies and classifications and those exchanges and wallets that need to be adjusted in order to balance your cryptocurrency transactions deposits and withdrawals. Then, simply click on Generate a Report and you’re pretty much done.

Unlimited transactions

You can manage all your wallets in your ACCOINTING account. You can also view your entire transaction history from your wallets and exchanges. All these are available on the free web-based ACCOINTING platform.

The ability to view a vast range of transactions from all your wallets gives you a thorough overview of your entire platform. This is especially helpful if you are a professional crypto trader with a large number of digital assets spread out in various wallets.

Advanced portfolio performance

ACCOINTING monitors your entire portfolio using advanced tools found in its dashboard. As mentioned earlier, the platform can give you an overview of total assets value, changes in these values in fiat currencies or bitcoin, percentage changes, and wallet allocations.

ACCOINTING offers a Full Data Set where you can see all your transactions across all wallets and crypto exchanges you’re using for your digital currencies. You can classify each deposit and withdrawal, identify and edit your internal transactions, reconcile crypto balances by adding missing transactions, and do much more on ACCOINTING’s easy-to-use but powerful portfolio dashboard.

Priority support

Need help with your ACCOINTING account? You can reach out to ACCOINTING’s Help team by filling out its Contact Us Form. You may raise any of the following support issues:

  • Account
  • Payment
  • Feature Request
  • Software bug
  • Technical Question
  • Partnership
  • Feedback
  • General inquiry

The team typically responds within 48 hours upon receipt of your inquiries.

You can also get top-notch priority support by opening a support ticket. To do so, simply go to ACCOINTING’s main website and click on Wiki. You’ll be taken to another tab. Click on New Support Ticket and enter your issues and related attachments. Complete the reCAPTCHA challenge then hit Submit. You can check your ticket status via the Forums tab as well.

ACCOINTING also has a vast Knowledge Base available under the Wiki tab. Check this page to walk through different features and how to navigate around the dashboards. Most articles in the Knowledge Base are in English, though you can find some in Deutsch/German. 

Holding Period

ACCOINTING offers you guidance on tax-loss harvesting. This strategy works by selling crypto-assets on capital losses to lower your capital gains. By doing so, you can subsequently reduce your tax payment amounts.

Holding’s visualization can be done with the help of ACCOINTING’s Holding Period Assistant dashboard. The tool pools together all your crypto transactions and calculates all your unrealized gains or losses on each cryptocurrency you hold. Hence, you can scan over the calculations and look for those currencies with the most extended holding period.

The Wrap-Up

Now, you’ve gained an overview of the powerful features that ACCOINTING’s desktop platform offers. The dashboard is sleek and easy-to-navigate, even for the most amateur crypto hobbyists. 

You can seamlessly connect your wallets, exchanges, and crypto services to automatically build a crypto-assets portfolio on ACCOINTING’s platform. Then, manage your digital currencies easily with the help of various tools within the dashboard. And all these come for free on the web-based platform!

Crypto taxes needs can also be solved by using ACCOINTING’s platform. You can instantly calculate tax amounts and get customized tax reports depending on your country and jurisdiction for a minimal fee and in tiered payment choices. All these are done in just a few clicks!

To sum it all up, ACCOINTING’s desktop platform is a good choice for both amateurs and professional crypto traders looking for an all-inclusive platform for asset monitoring and crypto tax management.

E.mail: support@accointing.com

Telegram: https://web.telegram.org/#/im?p=@accointing

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