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Calculated and Actual Balance

When using the Accointing.com platform, you may be asking yourself why you sometimes see a difference between the graph and the total value:

Calculated and Actual Balance
Calculated and Actual Balance

This is because of something that we call, the actual balance and the calculated balance.

As you may now have realized while using Accointing.com exchanges and their API connections differ hugely. Some provide all data, some don’t provide the fees, some don’t provide staking or future trades. 

Actual balance: This is the value that the exchange/wallet provides us with. Think of it like if you would send a text message to the exchange, saying “how much do I have here”, the response would be this value.

Calculated balance: This is the value that Accointing measures from all the transactions that the exchange provides us.

We thus use the actual balance in the “total value” section, and of course for the graph we need to use the calculated balance as we need to compute historical values. 

Now as mentioned previously, exchanges/wallets sometimes do not deliver us all of the transactions, thus there can be a difference between the actual and calculated balance. Resulting in difference in the total value and the historical graph. 

In order to fix this, you will need to go through your review steps here. Or add manual transactions.

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