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A crypto tracker app might be the best way to keep track of Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies! You can track your favorite crypto’s performance and compare it to alternative trading opportunities. Once you have constructed your crypto portfolio, you can compare its performance to the overall market.

Most crypto trackers offer market sentiment by providing the percentage of users that are bullish and bearish. You can determine your next move and optimize your portfolio with a few taps! Sit back and watch your portfolio grow with easy-to-use charts and great additional visuals.

There are thousands of crypto to choose from. It can be intimidating to select upon thousands of options, but don’t worry. Usually, crypto trackers offer different filters that can be used to narrow your searches. For instance, using the ACCOINTING.com app (available on Android and iOS), you can filter based on 24 hours top gainers and losers. This way, you can see which crypto is oversold and overpriced. If you are just entering the crypto market, one would recommend filtering by the Top 100. Just like that, you can explore the most popular cryptocurrencies and their traits like:


  1. Its ticker (BTC for bitcoin)
  2. Its value in your selected fiat currency or bitcoin
  3. 24-hour percentage change
  4. The overall crypto market cap
  5. The overall crypto market 24-hour volume
  6. The Bitcoin Dominance Index

All are useful when deciding whether it’s best to stay put or to trade. One tends to trade when 24-hour volume begins to rise because it indicates that crypto traders are buying and selling. If the volume is increasing, you can analyze the different options filtered to determine my next play.

With just a tap, you can access different price charts with several timeframes. You can look at a candlestick or line chart, in an hourly, 4 hourly, or daily period. The chart is interactive and allows you to zoom in and out to view, in detail, the overall change versus time.


Use the candlestick chart when looking for entry and exit points. Line charts are extremely easy to analyze. In a glance, you can see the different trends in smaller or bigger timeframes and confirm it with the token’s volume. If I’m not in a rush, I find it best to look at price action carefully.

The ACCOINTING.com app offers, not only live price action but also the 24 hour open, high, low, close, and average price. Not many tracking apps offer the average price! It’s a great feature to determine if the price is high or low in seconds. You can also look at the 24-hour change in dollars. This way you can see how volatile the crypto asset is. You usually use the live price action to set your alerts. With a few taps, you can set alarms for your favorite crypto. You can use the alerts to be aware of when the price is approaching support or resistance levels. Or even for profit targets. When you’re waiting for bitcoin to reach a certain price, you can set a recurrent alert every hour to avoid false breakouts.


If it’s your first time investing in crypto, do not limit yourself to the charts and live price action. Be sure to tap on Market Stats to get an overview of the token. ACCOINTING.com app offers market cap, total supply, and circulating supply. It’s probably one of the best features when filtering crypto opportunities. Depending on your risk tolerance you can look for small caps, mid-caps, or large caps.

A small-cap is every crypto that has a market cap below $1 billion, like Dash, a mid-cap has a market cap between $1 billion and $10 billion, like Chainlink, and a large caps are the behemoths with a market cap above $10 billion, like Bitcoin.

Using the market cap filter on the Market page is great for diversifying your portfolio. Large caps are not as volatile as small caps or mid-caps. Small caps tend to be the riskier crypto since they don’t have the same resources of large caps to withstand bearish markets. But remember, with higher volatility, there’s a greater chance of higher returns. 

We all know that crypto’s risk comes from its speculative nature. That’s why the overall market relies on market sentiment. If crypto traders are bullish, the market follows, and vice versa.


ACCOINTING.com app is an excellent source of market sentiment because all users are invited to participate by voting, daily, on our market sentiment. Currently, one can’t stop tapping on bullish. It seems most ACCOINTING.com users are bullish. When trading it’s best to ride the super trend instead of fighting it. If bulls are in command it is best to join the fight, until the trend reverses.

Now that you have selected your crypto to trade or invest, it’s time to import your wallets and exchanges. With five taps you can link your wallet and exchange to ACCOINTING.com. Try using your phone’s camera to scan the QR code of your waller or exchange and you’re done. The pros advise that we shouldn’t hold all the eggs in one basket.


You can use different exchanges for trading, so tap on the wallet feature to rapidly see the number of coins held in each exchange. The best part of the wallet feature is that you can get the value of each of your exchanges and wallet. Try to keep most of my portfolio in the safest exchange. With a tap, you can refresh the data. Instantly, ACCOINTING.COM will fetch the updated data and update your portfolio.

You are prepared to track your crypto portfolio. The portfolio page is one of the best. You can quickly glance at your portfolio value, set at your selected fiat currency or crypto. You can select upon 50 fiat currencies to display your portfolio. It is recommended to set your fiat preference to dollars for your first months. It makes it easier to track savings and profits. You can switch between both (dollars and bitcoin) if your goal is to accumulate bitcoin, so it’s nice to see bitcoin balance grow. But to get an overview of your progress, it’s easiest to use dollars as a base.


By tapping on the dropdown on your portfolio value chat, you get an easy overview of the overall performance of your portfolio. If you have an upward slope, it means you are in profit. On the other hand, if you have a downward sloped line, it’s best to reconsider your crypto holdings and look for new opportunities.

Be sure to try different timeframes to get different perspectives, especially if you have made portfolio changes recently. With the portfolio value chart, you can compare the portfolio before the alterations and after.


Sometimes looking at the overall portfolio value is not enough to determine your next move. The portfolio page lets you see the value of each crypto in your portfolio. To make things easier, swipe right, and you have a pie chart for asset allocation. I use the pie chart to see where I’m overweight or underweight. I try to be overweight on the crypto that I’m most bullish medium/long term.

Open positions for the medium/long term can be hard to track since it’s hard to keep track of the buying price each time. ACCOINTING.COM records your average buying price.


This is great if you are using a Dollar Cost Averaging strategy because you can instantly determine if you are in profit. Try to begin closing your position once the profit target is reached (current price – average buying price). If you are looking for a convenient way to see your daily profit, check your 24-hour value change to see how much has your crypto gained.

This may all sound confusing if you are a first time trader, but the ACCOINTING.com app is user friendly and counts with amazing customer support across all channels. Simply join their community in Telegram or through their website and get immediate help. Give it a try and if you are having trouble importing your data or if you can’t find the crypto you are looking for, make sure to message us or visit our Wiki page.

If you’re new to crypto trading you will notice that it’s hard to keep track of your open positions, especially, whether you are up or down. Exchanges and wallets do not provide this information, so you can either create a spreadsheet in which you record every transaction and update the current price. Or you can download ACCOINTING.com crypto tracker app. 

In summary

Take this information and trade efficiently. You can set alarms to buy or sell at the right time and price. While managing your risk by selecting diligent crypto trades after glancing at the 24-hour price action. Decision making has never been so easy in crypto. Become the trader you want to be and make the right calls. Most crypto trackers provide market data and allow you to track your favorite crypto, but ACCOINTING.com is a crypto trading app made by crypto traders for crypto traders. Offering the tools needed to trade efficiently and time the market. Stop missing out on those gains and download ACCOINTING.com app for free now!


ACCOINTING.com is an all-in-one solution trusted by thousands of crypto traders around the world, changing the way people handle their crypto taxes and providing relevant insights and information about the crypto trader’s portfolio through an intuitive platform with modern design, great customer service and overall user experience that adapts to the life cycle of their users, regardless of their level of experience. ACCOINTING.com offers a crypto portfolio tracking app and desktop as well a crypto tax solution, focusing on easing the onboarding process into crypto of the trader as well as increasing the understanding of the users’ portfolio behavior and performance.

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