Crypto Staking Rewards Calculator

This article is for everyone that is staking crypto directly on their own, uses a staking service like, Binance, Coinbase, Bitcoin-Suisse or any other broker or exchange and is interesting in finding the best crypto staking rewards calculator. Check out as well to find the best % returns.

How do I calculate my staking rewards?

The easiest way to get a nice summary is to use a tool like that has a crypto staking rewards calculator which calculates all staking rewards automatically and sums it up in a detailed report with information about the value at the receiving date and the total staked amount per year. This works for every blockchain and every service by simply connecting the exchange/wallet via API or public address.

Summary of Your Staking Income

For everyone that wants to go deeper into the single transaction, offers an even more detailed section on their report that shows you every single transfer with the correct date, amount and value.

Single Transfers List for Staking Rewards

You will see the price/value changes and you can overlay the receiving information of your staking rewards with this graph:

Staking rewards visualization with the price chart of XTZ

As an example, I used a Kraken Account where you can automatically stake Polkadot (DOT) and Tezos (XTZ) and simply connect it to in a few clicks:

You can check the staking rewards per coin here:

Why is this so cool?

  1. It’s super simple to setup: Just follow the connection steps for your exchange or wallet and start tracking your staking income automatically.
  2. You can analyze the performance of your Staking activity and figure out if it would have been better to sell your staking rewards or just hodl it.
  3. You can always check your staking rewards in the mobile app or the desktop web version of and you’ll have a full report of your income.

Sign-up today and start calculating your staking rewards.

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