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Disconnect & Reconnect an API Connection

If you’ve ever wanted to disconnect and reconnect an API connection to our platform, this article will show you how. We can do this without removing or duplicating the transactions already in your account.

Disconnecting Your API Connection

To disconnect an API connection from a wallet, go to the wallet section of the desktop web-app and complete the following steps.

  1. Edit the wallet you would like to remove the API connection from.
editing your wallet on the accointing platform.
  1. Once you’re on the edit screen, note the date and time your API was last updated. You’ll need this if you want to reconnect the API to our platform. You may refresh the wallet at this point to make this easier.
  2. Next, press “Delete API connection” to finish this process.
disconnecting an API connection from the accointing platform

Now that you have disconnected the API connection, the wallet is now a manual wallet. This means that all future transactions in this wallet would need to be added manually. You can make this easier to understand by changing the name in the example above from “Metamask (Ethereum)” to “Metamask (Ethereum) Historical Data”.

Reconnecting Your API Connection

After you disconnected an API connection, you can reconnect it by creating a new wallet. To do this, go to the add wallet section and search for your wallet. Once you have selected your new wallet, complete the following steps.

  1. Pick a name for your new wallet. If you changed the name of your previous wallet to include “Historical Data” or something similar, you can make this one easier to understand if you name it the same as the other one was before you changed it.
  2. In the “Time frame to import” section, change it from “All” to “From date” and enter the date your previous API was last updated. You should have gotten this date from step 2 in the previous section.
Selecting a time frame to import when reconnecting your API connection
  1. Add your wallet address or API keys and press “save connection” to finish the connection.
  2. The last step needed to fix any “missing funds” errors is to create internal transactions for each asset that was still in your previous “historical data” wallet. You do this by going to the full data set section on the desktop web-app and add a new “internal” transaction for each asset. You can learn more about these by going to “Managing Your Internal Transactions“.
Adding a new manual transaction on the accointing platform


By now, you should know how to;

  • Disconnect an API connection from our platform without losing the transactions currently in the wallet.
  • Reconnect an API connection without importing the transactions already included in another wallet.
  • Fix any potential errors by creating internal transactions for all assets between the two wallets.

You can use this process to fix problems with an API connection or to connect an API to an exchange you previously didn’t use an API connection for.

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