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New Pricing Model

Dear user,

We want to inform you that in the pest month, we introduced a new pricing model together with a couple of upgrades to improve your experience with us. 

We’ve noticed during our promotional periods that many of our loyal customers would like to purchase a package in advance or have shown frustration that they can’t access their former tax reports.

Below, we explain what this new model entails and give you information about the upcoming improvements. We also answer a couple of questions you might have about how this might affect discount codes, promotional materials, and referrals. We recently updated this article with a couple of clarifications at the request of our users.

The New ACCOINTING.com Pricing Model

The new pricing model will allow you to purchase a tax package for a specific tax year – for example, for 2021 – unlike the old one that allowed you to buy a license for 365 days. If you already own a package, your license will be valid until its expiration date or until you reach your transaction limit – whichever comes first. Our updated platform will allow you to see the number of packages you’ve purchased, the number of transactions, as well as their expiration.

You will not be automatically migrated to the new pricing model at any point, but once your current subscription runs out or you exceed your transaction limit, you’ll be asked to purchase the package for the tax year that you need a report for. Once you’re current plan is over, you can purchase the tax packages for the year(s) you need.

Transactions clarification

Transactions are cumulative so you will have to upgrade your account if you reach a cap in your new yearly package (Eg. If you had 3456 transactions in 2020 and 1550 in 2021, you will need to get a Pro Package for 2021 as the transactions are cumulative and you need the previous year’s transactions to estimate the cost basis).

Crypto Tax Package Expiration

Another benefit of our new pricing model is that the yearly packages you purchase won’t ever expire. So at any point in the future, you could still generate a tax report for the package year you’ve purchased and won’t ever have to think about your license. This wasn’t the case with the 365-day subscription model, where tax reports expired and you needed to repurchase the subscription if you wanted to use them again.

Crypto Tax User Experience

We also worked hard on improving your tax generation experience. With this update, we’ll squeeze in all necessary information for you in one single place, tailored to the country in which you’re filing, so completing your tax returns doesn’t turn into a headache. Moreover, we’re expanding the list of tax tools you could use, and we’ll generate a pdf for every .zip file with instructions on how to best use the generated tax report.

ACCOINTING.com Referral Program & Discounts

Finally, the updated pricing model won’t affect the referral program – you’ll still get paid whenever someone you’ve referred to us makes a purchase. Also, it won’t anyhow affect our discounts, so please follow us on social media and subscribe to our page so that you can stay informed about our early-bird promos for specific tax packages.

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