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The crypto market has grown rapidly and the bitcoin price has risen sharply since last year. We are extremely pleased that Accointing has also performed very well.

With the increased demand for Accointing, there has been a large increase in support and feedback requests. We have also heard more and more that there is a need for a place where the community can exchange ideas. We have been using the platform as a temporary solution to submit feature requests – this has worked well. 

However, we want to do much more than just handle support requests. We want to create a way for our community to interact and have a common space for discussion. That’s why today we can proudly announce the launch of our Accointing Community Board!


In this new board we will answer support questions, discuss feature ideas, vote on exchanges/wallets to integrate, post how-to’s, answer tax questions, as well as allow the community to discuss crypto projects. Don’t forget to collect satoshis in our “Bounty Zone”!

Have fun! We wish you and us an interesting exchange of information. 

To the moon.

Alex and Jonas from the team

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