Taking on a new job can be a breath of fresh air from your usual 9-5.  For others, changing it up can be scary. It takes a lot of courage to start something new, a change in the industry, new processes and faces can be overwhelming. Whatever it is that is running through your mind, we at can assure you, we have felt the very same way. We know it’s not easy to jump into a new industry as turbulent as crypto, let alone a start-up. That said, for many of us stepping out into the unknown was the most liberating decision we’ve ever made! Why has it been such a liberating experience? Because at we put you in the driver’s seat:

  • You have a novel idea on how to improve the company? Shoot, we are all ears! 
  • You feel the boss got it wrong? We want to hear it! 
  • You’re knee-deep in work and can’t join a meeting? Don’t. 
  • Need a mid-week break? Go for it! 
  • Want some help on a project?  Ask! We’re here to make sure you succeed. 
  • Think KPIs should be changed to better reflect your work? Let’s talk! 
  • The commute to work is depriving you of time with your family? We work from home. You do you!
  • Your spouse or family are in a different country and need your assistance? Do it! Let us know if we can help.

At we realize that what works best is helping you be you. The future of work is flexible, and providing a work environment that fits your needs is key to what has made a success. We’ve put you on the steering wheel so that you can shine! We’re building a revolutionary platform in the crypto space; helping customers track and manage their crypto portfolios, as well as helping to deliver the best-in-industry crypto tax tool. With over 75,000 users in less than one year, we have managed to translate our enthusiasm, dedication, and commitment to our project and our ever-expanding audience. If anything that has been written here resonates with you, we can’t wait for you to become a part of our team! International team.  We want to be the company that you’ve been looking for.

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