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With, we currently have a 30 day money back guarantee. We believe that our product is so good that we are willing to give you your money back in case you’re 100% satisfied. However, we also would like to make sure that you tried your best to understand how the platform works and the platform, regardless, wasn’t able to comply with what you needed after understanding what the platform is for. Therefore, here are some of the conditions that need to be met for the full refund:

  • You understood in full capacity what the platform was for and still didn’t manage to get a decent output from the platform.

Current open items within

  • You tried to make things work within the platform to the best of your abilities and with the help of our customer support and still didn’t manage to get whatever you were looking for. Support

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  • The output generated by the platform wasn’t suitable to your accountants requirements who is an expert in crypto taxation.

Learn How To File Your Taxes (per country)

  • You understood that not all wallets and exchanges were FULLY supported by the platform and even though you manually added some transactions, the output wasn’t reliable enough to be accepted by my tax authorities.

Available Wallets and Exchanges in

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